In “Hurricane Havoc” kids go on a thrilling adventure and learn about hurricanes! Best friends Aloe, Aura, and Thon are Tufts who live on beautiful Donut Island. Their wild adventures take them to the strangest places.

But when Thon wakes up invisible, he knows something very unusual is going on. And this time, the adventure is happening right at home…

Swifty and Shredder have one ambition: to be the fastest, meanest, most destructive Fizzle Wizzles in their class. Only then can they join the prestigious Hurricane Brigade. Thon’s invisibility puts him in a perfect position to overhear the two teenage Fizzle Wizzles as they hatch a plot to bring chaos to the peaceable Tufts!

Hurricane Havoc introduces young readers to natural disasters and offers advice on how to stay safe. In Hurricane Havoc, the Tufts have to find somewhere safe before the Fizzle Wizzles’ hurricane attack destroys them. Luckily, Thon and his friends are no strangers to danger, and their quick thinking provides guidance for responding to hurricanes everywhere.

In “The Custard Flood” kids go on a thrilling adventure and learn how to prepare for and stay safe in a flood!
Welcome to Donut Island!

Aloe, Aura, and Thon are Tufts, and Donut Island is their home. They’re also best friends and love going on wild adventures together.

But when Aloe finds an unusual new stone for her collection, the Tufts embark on an adventure that’s much more challenging and scary than they could have possibly expected. Initially, they’re entranced by the bright, beautiful land in which they find themselves. It’s where the custard for Donut Island comes from, after all!

But things soon start to go sideways.…

That’s because the nasty Fizzle Wizzles are determined to fulfill their mission: to make it rain. A lot. Led by their teacher, the ambitious and spiteful Torrent, the Fizzle Wizzles do their utmost to make life very unpleasant for the Tufts.

The custard river is already swollen by the Fizzle Wizzles’ rain, but Torrent encourages her class to bring their best rain game. She aims to break the levee!