Everyone needs a Disaster Survival Coach

No one is born knowing what to do in a fire, or how to pack a survival kit. It’s a learnt skill. And not many of us have learnt the skill. I wasn’t taught at school or from my parents. This is why when you watch the news, we still see horrible stories of someone losing their life because they were driving in moving flood waters. Because, that poor person thought they could. They didn’t know the dangers. Knowing how to be prepared and how to act in a disaster situation comes down to a few skills and our behaviour. It’s just like driving a car.

Out of 10, how prepared are you?

You might be on holiday, at your home, or visiting friends when the unexpected happens. Would you know what to do? I are here to make knowing what to do in unexpected situations easier. I break it down, step by step and make it relatable so that becoming prepared is an enjoyable experience and one you can share with your friends and family. So, less talk, more action, let’s go!

A Book Series for Kids that teaches Essential Survival Skills

A fun and thrilling adventure series that teaches kids about natural disasters and offers advice on how to stay safe.
Magical Illustrations and great survival tips.

Did you Know this is How Much Water you Need?

How to use a Fire Extinguisher

why a full tank of gas can save your life!

What to have in your pet kit – part 2

Four things for a Fire safe home

Climate change and why it’s important to kids

When flood levels rise more than predicted – be prepared

How to keep your fridge cool when the power is out

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