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The Tufts : Disaster Survival Series

The Tufts is a Disaster Survival Series for children which introduces young readers to natural disasters and offers advice on how to stay safe and cope when adverse events happen. This accessible, illustrated, and entertaining series can be used as a tool to open conversations in the family on what to do in a disaster.

Parents, educators, therapists, and disaster resilience experts have declared that children are not coping and suffer tremendous stress and trauma after natural disasters. In this engaging and reassuring Disaster Survival Series, children will enjoy a fun, thrilling adventure story, and learn resilience and essential survival strategies along the way.

“The Tufts is a Disaster Survival Series where kids learn while being entertained.” – The International Sustainable Resilience Center.

Fun, thrilling adventure story.
Magical illustrations.
Disaster survival tips.
Learning for the whole family.

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