Do you know the 30 second lightning rule?
Next time you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear the thunder. If it is 30 seconds or less than that means the thunderstorm is close! So find somewhere safe to shelter.
What to do if you are outside when there is lightning?

Do you lie flat on the ground or stand up when lightning strikes and you are outside?

Neither! You want to get as low as you can to the ground while having minimal contact with the ground. That means, only your feet are on the ground, and you crunch up in a ball. Remember, stay away from trees, barbed wire fences, power lines and poles. Don’t walk or run up a hill, as lightning hits the highest object.

So with that in mind avoid hiding under a tree, pavilion, a picnic shelter or other outdoor structures. And stay away from open areas like a golf course or sport grounds. Have you had a close call with lightning before?

If you are caught outside and there’s lightning and thunder you should:
How fool proof is your computer in a storm?

Computers can suddenly turn off in a natural disaster. Therefore, we can lose unsaved data forever.

For instance, computers can also be destroyed by flooding, so you need to have a foolproof backup system. How confident are you with your backup system?

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In a thunderstorm you should unplug!

# Unplug and Disconnect appliances, TVs, computers, and other equipment from outlets.

Do not use anything plugged into an electrical outlet, such as computers or phone chargers.

4 tips for staying safe in a thunderstorm

For tips on how to keep your pet calm in a thunderstorm